Much of my research is done on the web.  The following sites have been both useful and entertaining to me.  My thanks to their authors.

Links to bookstores and publishers
Links related to Death of a Nationalist
Links related to Law of Return
Links related to The Watcher in the Pine

Links related to Death of a Nationalist

La Guerra de Nuestros Abuelos - A superb collection of oral histories, done by baccalaureate students in Madrid, under the guidance of their history teacher, Aurelio Mena Hornero.  Contains information about the details of daily living all over Spain during the Republic, the Civil War and the postwar period.  Unfortunately only available in Spanish.

Guardia Civil (WARNING: THIS PAGE ONLY RUNS WITH MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER IT WILL CRASH NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR AND OTHER BROWSERS) - The official site of the Beneméritaa, as they are also known.  Has a section on history of the Guardia, as well as extensive information on their role in present-day Spain.  Some parts of the site are available in English.

The Madrid Metro - Again, an official site, with information on the constantly expanding services of one of the finest metros in the world, and a section detailing the metro's history of "eighty years on the go."  Available in multiple languages.

They Still Draw Pictures - An exhibition of drawings made by children in beseiged Madrid during the Spanish Civil War...the real Alejandras.  With commentary. 

Links related to Law of Return - A commercial site devoted to all things salmantino.  Contains some information on history, legends, and personalities, as well extensive information about lodgings, services, etc.

San Sebastián/Donostia - The official site of the government of San Sebastián, now known by its Basque name, Donostia.  Available in multiple languages, including Basque.  It also has links to the San Sebastian Tourist Office.

Photos of Old San Sebastián - A magnificent photo gallery devoted to San Sebastián throughout the twentieth century.

Links related to The Watcher in the Pine

Paisajes de la guerrilla/Landscapes of the Guerrilla - A wonderful site discussing the maquis.  Contains oral histories, bibliographies, and a photo gallery.  Bilingual in Spanish and English.

La Liébana y Picos de Europa - A fantastic site devoted to the comarca of Liébana, of which Potes is the capital.  It has an excellent links to all the towns of the comarca, including one with extensive photographs of present-day Potes.  It also has sections on the history, geography and culture of the region, as well as daily weather reports, special events, etc.  All links are available in Spanish and English. 

Juanín y los del monte - A site devoted to the legendary maquí, Juan Fernández Ayala, or Juanín, and his companions.  Unfortunately available only in Spanish, this site is perhaps the best look at the anti-Franco guerrilla movement in Potes and the Liébana.  Contains an extensive bibliography, and a lively message board (Spanish only).

Links to bookstores and publishers

Soho Press - The nice people who publish my books.

Partners & Crime - A mystery bookstore in New York City (in the Village), home of the immortal Nevermore awards.

Black Orchid Books - A mystery bookstore in New York City (Upper East Side), where I did my very first signing ever.

Murder Ink - A mystery bookstore in New York City (On the Upper West Side, my neck of the woods.)

M is for Mystery - A mystery bookstore in San Mateo, Ca.

Crime on Store - A mystery bookstore in London. (If you've been walking around the British Museum and want a comfy couch to rest on, stop here.)

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